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SMART PIPING SUPPLY – Plumbing Systems

Walraven. The value of smart

Walraven manufactures a wide variety of installation products for heating systems, sanitary installations, electrical installations, sprinkler pipes, air ducts, cooling systems, solar panels and a great deal more. Our offered solutions are created from single products that are designed to combine together and work as effective product systems. This means that when using a combination of Walraven products, you can be confident that your entire installation is strong and reliable, from anchor to clamp.

At first glance, many of our products may be considered simple, but we know how important it is for even the smallest part to do its job properly and make your work easier, safer and more effective.

Smart solutions in combination with our expert advice allow us to offer you highly effective installation solutions for almost every installation challenge.



Uponor PEX plumbing system is a very cost-competitive plumbing system when compared with other systems.

Uponor’s PEX tubing offers a more flexible, efficient, and durable alternative to traditional piping methods. Both Uponor’s plumbing (AquaPEX) and heating (hePEX) tubing hold a PEX-A grade, meaning it is the highest quality PEX on the market. This tubing can be bent and curved to work in difficult spaces and resists corrosion, pitting, and scaling.

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